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PPC Management Case Study : PCFixit247

Increasing Revenue Through Campaign Restructuring And Integrated Management
Case Studies PCFixit247 was looking for a single agency to manage their PPC and Media Buying campaigns, and came to Pixel Promote with the ultimate goal of increasing revenue month over month. Through comprehensive campaign restructuring and integrated management, PCFixit247's newly restructured and expanded campaigns hit the ground running with overwhelming success. In just two months PCFixit247 doubled their ROI from paid search in Google. PCFixit247's overall goal of achieving increased revenue month to month was shattered. Revenue from Google alone increased by 149%, while revenue from MSN increased by 110%.

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Search Engine Optimization Case Study : Word Smith Content

Strategic SEO Improves Organic Rankings And Traffic
Case Studies Word Smith, a leading provider of original quality content specialized in Articles , Website & Press Release Writing, was looking for an agency to help optimize their newly designed website and to preserve their organic rankings upon launch. Word Smith Content saw overwhelming improvements in their traffic and organic rankings after the launch of their new website. The transition from their old site to their new site was completed smoothly and all rankings were preserved through proper 301 redirects. During the airing of the commercial, the site was able to withstand high volumes of traffic without the search engines penalizing the site for duplicate content.

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Media Buying Case Study : Get Real Likes

New Media Buying Techniques Increase Efficiency Of Online Campaign
Case Studies Get Real Likes was looking for an agency that could improve the efficiency of their media budget. The goal was to lower their cost per conversion (CPA) while increasing the number of people signing up for online bill pay. A completely new media plan was designed that utilized search, display, and social media. We exceeded their goals by increasing conversions from 5,000 to over 10,000, lowering media costs by $35,000 and decreasing CPA from $37 to $09.

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